The name of our group is called “Farrucas Duo”. We are a husband-and-wife duo that experiments with the diversity of Latin sounds and instruments through our music; painting an exotic musical portrait for you to enjoy all year long.

Our story began back in 2005 when our musical interests and talents collided; officially forming the group “Farrucas”.

Jorge: “I am a self-taught musician. Since 1990, I’ve joined and performed with various folklore groups, recorded an album with Raíces – a group from my Native city (Ibarra, Ecuador), and later on I became a part of The Imbayakunas – completing with them their 2003 tour… In context to how he met my wife, I bonded with her musically, as well as sentimentally. In 2005, we both returned to Ecuador, South America and on October 8, 2005 our musical bond officially formed “Farrucas”.

Laura: “I started off my musical career as a self-taught learner from an early age; however, eventually I was given the opportunity to attend the New Conservatory of Music at the age of thirteen in Toronto, where I learned great fundamental techniques and secrets of the classical guitar. Eventually started working with various groups in my home city; including Johannes Linstead, and Pavlo… As time went by, I became connected with Latin American and Andean music – particularly when I was introduced to The Imbayakunas, based in Toronto. I toured with them in 2003 and had the privilege of recorded my very first album with this Ecuadorian group. Meeting Jorge through this group, I bonded with Jorge very fondly, and here we are today. After 14 years since our encounter – we are keeping our love for music healthy and strong!”

Farrucas Duo’s artistic taste is a “fusion” between two musical traditions; Mediterranean and Ecuadorian, blending together other several genres including Arab, Cumbia, Rumba Flamenco, Salsa, and Rock influences.

Between recording new ideas in our studio and performing live for over 10 years, we work hard at delivering the best Latin-fusioned music in the GTA.

With such stunning performances, a variety of instruments, homage to diverse cultures and nationalities, heart-warming albums, and legions of fans, Farrucas Duo is a musical journey you need to experience!