Farrucas Duo’s overall talent and musicianship is fabulous. You can see the dedication and trust in each other as they perform. They strive for perfection. They feed off the energy from the audience and you can see their appreciation in their eyes and they way they play their instruments. They are humble and they appreciate the audience’s enthusiasm. The venue of preference when seeing Farrucas’ live show is at an outdoor venue out in the open; such as, a park setting with trees or a water front setting. When listening to Farrucas Duo, you feel happy and full of life. Their music makes you forget about your troubles for a little while. Their music is infectious; it draws you in and makes you want to dance. You can close your eyes and imagine you are swept away to a Spanish pavilion along the beach of a tropical ocean view. We have seen many Farrucas Duo performances and have told potential clients that when they are in a venue it usually is a sell out. We have even seen owners of a few venues dance during a Farrucas Duo performance.Ed and Pam Schauer
A great source of Entertainment for anyone is who is looking for top quality Latin American music for their next occasion. Thank you Farrucas for making our event a pleasant one with your divine music. Truly phenomenal.Heather & Chris
Your CDs are fantastic! Thank you for sharing your beautiful talent! I can’t wait to see you both performing live this summer! What a treat that will be!Maria Guadagnolo