The Success of the World (Éxito De Mundo) (2009)



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“The Success of the World” is Farrucas Duo’s first full-fetched original album released in 2009; the bringing of one’s flying spirit to a calm landing!

This album has become such a widespread project that all human beings can relate to – as the album expresses lyrics of brotherly love, and peace, and the wanting of sweet justice, all around the globe.

Track List: 

1. The Success of the World / Éxito de Mundo (3:45)
2. When You Dream / Cuando Sueñes (6:22)
3. Canto / Chant (6:44)
4. Junta Las Manos / Join Hands (7:02)
5. Angeluz / Angel Light (4:39)
6. 1914 (7:08)
7. Con Toda El Alma / With All The Soul (4:15)
8. My Lord / Mi Señor (5:54)
9. Compas De Hoja Bomba y Botella / Compass Of The Leaf, Bomba, & Bottle (5:15)
10. This Is The Day / Este Es El Dia (5:15)
11. Amiga Soledad / My Friend, Solitude (5:12)
12. Fiesta! / Party Time! (4:46)