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CD 1: The Success Of The World (2009)  CD 2: Against The Current (2017)
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Album #1: The Success Of The World (2009)
The Success of the World” brings one’s flying spirit to a calm landing; introducing Farrucas Duo’s unique talent when writing their own originals:

1. The Success of the World / Éxito de Mundo
2. When You Dream / Cuando Sueñes
3. Canto / Chant
4. Junta Las Manos / Join Hands
5. Angeluz / Angel Light
6. 1914 (7:08)
7. Con Toda El Alma / With All The Soul
8. My Lord / Mi Señor
9. Compas De Hoja Bomba y Botella / Compass Of The Leaf, Bomba, & Bottle
10. This Is The Day / Este Es El Dia
11. Amiga Soledad / My Friend, Solitude
12. Fiesta! / Party Time!

Album #2: Against The Current (2017)

Farrucas Duo is proud to announce the release of their latest album; “Against The Current”. With most songs being original compositions written by Farrucas Duo – after three years in the making – our project has finally come to life! A great CD entailing a Fusion of Exotic Latin Rhythms for you to enjoy!

Track List
1. La Mariquita (The Ladybug)
2. Historia De Un Amor (The Story Of A Love)
3. Against The Current (Contra La Corriente)
4. El Paraiso En El Alma Mia (The Paradise In My Heart)
5. De Vuelta A Casa (Returning Home)
6. Evocación (Evocation)
7. Pa’ Colombia (For Colombia)
8. Aquí, Así, Contigo (Here, This Way, With You)
9. Blanco Y Negro (Black And White)
10. Tiempo, Detente! (Time, Halt!)
11. Flor Sin Retoño (Flower Without Sprout)
12. Agridulce (Bittersweet)