The Story

The name of our life-long project is called “Farrucas Duo”. We are a husband-and-wife duo that experiments with the diversity of Latin sounds and instruments through our music; painting an exotic musical portrait for you to enjoy all year long.

Jorge: “I am a self-taught musician. Music is my life – I’ve taken it very seriously since 1990; by recording in several albums, and performing live internationally, travelling to Canada both in 2004 and 2005. In 2004, I met my wife; Laura. I gradually bonded with her musically, as well as sentimentally. And in 2005, we both flew to Ecuador, had recorded our first album, and on October 8 2005 our musical project was officially named “Farrucas”.

Laura: “I started off my musical career as a self-taught learner from an early age; however, eventually I was given the opportunity to attend the New Conservatory of Music at the age of thirteen in Toronto, where I learned great fundamental techniques and secrets of the classical guitar. Eventually started working with various recognized groups in my home city. As time progressed, I became strongly connected with Latin American music, particularly the Andean sounds – and through this musical development of mine, I met my partner-in-crime (and-in-life); Jorge. After 14 years since our encounter, we are keeping our love for music healthy and strong!”

Farrucas Duo’s artistic taste is a “fusion” between two musical traditions; Mediterranean and Ecuadorian, blending together other several genres including Arab, Cumbia, Rumba Flamenco, Salsa, and Rock influences.

Between recording new ideas in our studio and performing live at more than 300 shows per year for over 10 years, we work hard at delivering unique Latin-fusioned music in the GTA.

With such stunning performances, a variety of instruments, homage to diverse cultures and nationalities, heart-warming albums, and legions of fans, Farrucas Duo is a musical journey you need to experience!